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B&E CPA professional corp.

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As Chartered Professional Accountants, we provide the highest level of income tax service and tax-preparation expertise to each of our clients with a continuous service clause as our guarantee to satisfaction. Whether you are an individual or a business, you are always looking for ways to reduce your tax liability, but not everyone has the time or experience required to understand tax laws, you hire us to do the right thing.

If you are like most taxpayers, you want to file your annual tax return properly to avoid the hassles of dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA); if you have fallen behind on your tax filings, you might be worried about how best to get on track with your tax obligations and how to deal with the CRA. In either case, you probably also want to ensure you are benefiting from all mechanisms that can legitimately reduce what you owe in taxes, welcome to book a consultation or appointment with us.

Tax services offered including but are not limited to:
● Individual resident tax return (T1)
● Individual non-resident return, non-resident Section 216 return.
● Determination of tax residency (Resident vs Non-resident)
● Application of Individual Tax Number (ITN)
● Business number and HST number registration
● Business schedule T2125
● Rental schedule T776
● Statement of employment expense T777
● Principal residence exemption planning
● Election: Change in Use of a Residence
● File return under voluntary disclosure program
● TFSA and RRSP over-contribution tax
● Tax appeal and negotiations for disputes with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
● Retirement and succession planning
● Income tax compliance
● optimum pension income splitting

Real estate taxes:
● GST/HST housing rebate
● Assignment of a purchase and sale agreement
● Non-resident disposes of real property
● Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) Rebate
● Principal residence: Change in use

Corporate Service:
● Incorporating
● Business registration
● Bookkeeping Service
● Corporate tax return
● Financial statement
Tax Dispute


● 个人所得税(T1)
● 非税居民报税 - 出租收入申报 S216
● 界定非税务居民和税务居民
● 申请非税居民税号
● 商业号码和HST注册
● T21250报税
● 投资房收入报税
● 员工抵扣费用
● 自住房免税的税务规划(特别适用于多套房产的税务居民)
● 自住房和投资房相互转换 Election
● 自愿披露计划
● 免税账户和养老金账户超过购买额度的税务问题
● 税务上诉或者和CRA税务纠纷的协调
● 退休和传承规划
● 所得税合规检查
● 最佳养老金拆分

● 新房的HST 返还
● 楼花转让协议
● 非税居民售卖房产
● 海外买家税返还
● 自住房:转换用途

● 成立有限责任公司
● 商业注册
● 代理记账服务
● 申报公司税
● 财务报表

地址: Suite 806 - 250 Consumers Road, North York, ON M2J4V6
联系电话: 416-519-2252
邮箱: accounting@betax.ca

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