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魏丽君 Grace Wei
商业地产经纪 Lennard Commercial Realty, Brokerage

Since joining Lennard, Grace has worked on investments for various Canadian asset types, including but not limited to the industrial warehouse, medical office, multi-family apartment building, and retail store leasing requirements.

Grace has built a solid and trusting relationship with her clients by consistently providing her clients with the highest level of services.

Grace is fluent in 3 languages:
English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Grace enjoys hiking, reading books, meditating, and spending time with her family in her spare time.

Examples of Client Mandates and Deal Types
Sale of Midtown 25-unit apartment building
Sale of Land for Redevelopment in Georgina, Ontario
Purchase of Land for a two-story office building in Markham
Purchase of Warehouses – 3,000 SF - 50,000 SF
Purchase of School property – 20,000+ SF
Purchase of Dental office – 1,500 SF
Multiple leasing requirements – Warehouse, Badminton Court, and Retail store

凭过往在五大行之一的CIBC总部的工作经验; 加保险行业十多年至诚服务客户的良好基础; 以 客户利益至上为宗旨; 借专业的商业地产公司独特的资源和优势;

愿在以后的岁月内为大家提供专业真诚的服务: 和大家在商业地产投资中一起成长。

目前所在的商业地产经纪公司,Lennard Commercial Realty, Brokerage, 是加拿大本土的专业商业地产经纪公司,已有42年的历史,2021年在大多地区业界排名第三。

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